Balendin Sleepingsword

One of the Four Captains of the mercenary company known as the Mongi.


Balendin was born the third child of an minor, but respected noble Nimlenian family. His father was lord of a small town not that far from the city of Fayhaven. Balendin was trained in the art of warfare and combat as is traditional in Nimlenia for the sons of noble families. Being in a land where the the first child, regardless of sex, would get the inheritance and become the next lord or lady of their parents estate and title; Balendin set out to make his own in the world.

He wondered the country of Nimlenia and when his money ran out he was forced to seek employment using his skills as a fighter. He ended up falling into the employment of a prominent Nimlenian criminal guild and worked as a bodyguard for a higher ranking leader in the organization.

To be continued….

Balendin Sleepingsword

Ethnil Balendin