Tag: NPC


  • Balendin Sleepingsword

    Balendin was born the third child of an minor, but respected noble Nimlenian family. His father was lord of a small town not that far from the city of Fayhaven. Balendin was trained in the art of warfare and combat as is traditional in Nimlenia for the …

  • Lars

    Originally a Nimlenian soldier serving near Miner town. Met by the party when they were traveling to Waterfront. Aided by the Laroc party in defending a woman and baby from goblins. Promoted to Captain of the Town guard in Nondescript.

  • Fake Monk

    Met when the 3 members of the Laroc Party were investigating an abandoned monastery rumored to have a giant Onyx gem in it. Claimed to know the location of the monastery and also that he once slayed a dragon and a leviathan. Was paid a hefty sum of …

  • Distressed Bard

    Met by members of the Laroc Party as he sung a song of his imprisoned companions. His sisters are imprisoned by a corrupted Nimlenian Nobleman. Him and the party charge into the house and slay all the guards. The Bard slays the Nobleman and runs off …